Left foot is non surgical, right is surgical

“Before I went to Dr. Paradoa’s I was told there was nothing that could be done about my severe flat feet. I thought I would just have to live with pain in my feet for the rest of my life. Dr. Paradoa informed me of surgery that would correct my problem. Everyone in the office is so nice and supportive, I felt very comfortable about getting the surgery. Now I am pain free and can enjoy physical activities.”
– Samantha Roberts, Patient

“I am so grateful to Dr. Paradoa for correcting my daughter’s feet. Before the surgery she was unable to enjoy many activities because of the pain in her feet. Orthotics and corrective shoes did not really offer her relief, not to mention the lack of fashion which is important to a teenage girl. Her feet feel and look so much better now, it is amazing. Dr. Paradoa and her staff could not have done a better job, from start to finish.”
– Melissa Roberts, Mother of Patient

“I had the misfortune of tearing my Achilles tendon while playing softball. I had the good fortune of seeking Dr. Amberly Paradoa to repair it. Dr. Paradoa performed a relatively new procedure called Topaz Radiofrequency. This surgery is much less invasive than traditional procedures. After a very short recovery period, I was amazed to be able to function normally with no pain whatsoever. Dr. Paradoa and her friendly, efficient staff made absolutely certain that every aspect of my experience went pleasantly smooth. Thank you Dr. Paradoa for allowing me to return so quickly to my usual activities and life!”
– Michael Harcek, Patient

“I am writing this letter as a patient of Dr. Amberly C Paradoa. From 2008 to present I was wheel chair bound, when all other Doctors gave up Dr. Paradoa operated on my right ankle and now I’m up and walking and out of the wheelchair. Dr. Paradoa is a professional and very caring practitioner. She cares for her patients like family, which is a rarity these days. Also, all of you should know her accomplishments. She was one of the top 5 in her medical class at graduation. Her office staff treats all patients like people and not numbers.”
– Juan Loreto LPI, Patient

“As a long time diabetic, the proper care of my feet is a priority. Some years ago it was my fortune to have been referred to Dr. Amberly Paradoa. I could not be more pleased. Dr. Paradoa and her excellent staff; medical assistant Sarah is a jewel, have provided exceptional medical attention and along with my personal foot care, my condition is quite favorable. With Dr. Paradoa, my feet are in good hands.”
– Tom Obernier, Patient

“From the moment I entered into your office and saw the smiling face of the receptionist, I was put at ease. Your nurse is quick, and does not make me feel she is in a hurry– as many offices do. Dr. Paraoda, you were very efficient and meticulous with me and answered all my questions, to a matter which I understand. I would feel happy in recommending you to anyone who may require your specialty in medicine.”
– Helen Harley, Patient

“I would like to say I believe that being a patient of Dr. Paradoa is one of the best moves I could make in my life for the services she provides. “I am a type 2 Diabetic with neuropathy and having check-ups with Dr. Paradoa helps me to have a constant study of my feet. With Dr. Paradoa’s great supervision we hope that we can keep abreast of my condition. She has also become very helpful in my constant wound care.”
– Donald E. McCall, SR, Patient

“Dr. Paradoa goes out of her way to provide me with the best possible care. Shes always looking for new treatments that would help my condition. She has treated my feet wonderfully for the last several years. ”
– Marianne Armstrong, Patient

“As a diabetic for years, I had developed an ulcer on my little toe that would not heal.  Dr. Paradoa removed some of the infected bone, and treated it with special drugs.  Today I’m cured, and walking on both feet. Thank you Dr. Paradoa.”
– Earl Selle, Patient

“It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Amberly Paradoa to anyone bothered by foot problems.  I have been her patient for over three years and I am having wonderful treatment at the present time.  I am very satisfied with her help and treatment.”
-Virginia Kalat, Patient

” When you enter the office of Dr. Amberly Paradoa and are greeted by her friendly and competent staff, most of your apprehension disappears. Dr. Paradoa’s persona puts you at ease and you know you have chosen the right foot and ankle doctor.  Her knowledge and caring quickly removes any doubt.”
-Roland Achorn, Patient

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